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Governance Of Glafad

GLAFADs Board is drawn from the public, private and civil society to enhance the organisation’s strategic leadership and the financial accountability.

GLAFAD Current Board of Directors

Madame Litha Musyimi-Ogana’s vast work experience spans the international arena. Her initiatives have capacitated grassroots, regional and international organisations to a level of sustainability. She has received international recognition and acclaim for her contribution to the empowerment of African women. Madame Litha continues to be a key player in shaping the global agenda in general and putting the African Union gender architecture in place.

Dr Maretha de Waal is a skilled researcher, instructional designer and trainer. She lectured at various tertiary institutions and directed the research and policy department of the Commission for Gender Equality (South Africa). Her research and publications focus on monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment. She takes a particular interest in human rights and development issues pertaining to gender equality, disability rights and governance. She has been active in the promotion of women’s human rights in various post-conflict countries.

Ms Susan Kimathi areas of expertise span applied research (with an emphasis on qualitative methodology), project management, public participation, local governance and knowledge sharing. As a consultant in South Africa, she has developed a keen interest in applied research, knowledge sharing, capacity building and public participation as tools of development.

Mr Hans Denis Bamal is an experienced entrepreneur with an MBA. He is presently the chairman of the Cameroon Forwarding Agents & Customs Brokers Association and the vice-chair of the Cameroon National Committee for The Facilitation of International Trade. He presently operates in the ASC Shipping and Transport Management with over 25 years experience.

Dr Emmanuel Innocents Edoun’s expertise lies in liaison with international development partners and local economic development. Dr Edoun has engaged with local government practioners at international level through workshops and conferences he has presented in. His experience spans West and South Africa as a lecturer on Public Administration.

Mr Koffi Kouakou works in development planning and conducts high level and extensive Scenario Planning. He is presently a senior lecturer at the Graduate School of Public and Development Management at the University of the Witwatersrand. His other areas of expertise include: Information Communication, Strategic Communication, Media Sociology and service delivery.

Ms Angelita Kiwekete is the chief executive at GLAFAD and has conducted research and interacted with grassroots organisations. She works to vocalise the delivery gaps for marginalised communities in relevant structures in local government. In the recent past she participated in operationalizing the secretariat office of a continental network organisation that draws its membership from African public sector training institutions. Passionate about fiscal decentralisation as well as the inclusion of gender issues in government structures and processes she continues to facilitate training on gender budgets.