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Organisational Structure


  1. Prof Osy Nwebo, Chair, Nigeria - University of Owerri and Director of Bureau, Pan African Parliament
  2. Dr. Henri Claude Enoumba, Mining Engineer, Cameroon –Head of Department: Research & Planning, Niger Basin Authority
  3. Hans Denis Bamal, Cameroon – CEO of STAR
  4. Dr Koffi Kouakou, Cote d’Ivoire – University of Witwatersrand
  5. Dr. Michel Lokolo, Cameroon, Consultant - Mini
  6. Dr. Diran Sumoni, - Benin - University of Witwatersrand
  7. Natasha Ndileka– Director, South Africa - ESKOM
  8. Dr. Roland Balgah Azibo, Cameroon – University of Buea
  9. Litha Musiyima Ogana, Kenya – Gender Directorate, African Union Commission
  10. Rev. Christian Mbella, Cameroon
  11. Dr Emmanuel Innocents Edoun, Secretary General